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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QiGong?

It is a highly effective means of energy cultivation and circulation, for a specific purpose. Generally, it is thought to be for healing.   

How does it work?

Energy pathways (meridians) in your body are stimulated and regulated to be free of blockages to permit qi to flow freely,  When qi flows freely in the meridians, optimal health results.  

What can it treat?

It can address a wide variety of health care scenarios from common pain to cancer recovery.  

If I am receiving Qigong therapy, can I stop taking my regular medicine?

No.  Never discontinue regularly prescribed medicine without first checking with your private physician.  

Do I have to be sick or in pain to receive QiGong therapy?

Qigong is a great preventative health care measure.  Many people have sessions simply because it makes them feel good.  

I heard that Qigong is a type of exercises.  So what is the therapy?

Qigong can be practice both internally and externally.  One who has practiced qigong over long periods of time develops the ability to use it to help others.  Qigong practitioners are people who have learned to cultivate their qi (through qigong exercises) to levels that can be used through specific techniques to help others by regulating the clients qi through their meridians freely.  

Can I learn to treat myself with Qigong?

Yes.  When you have a treatment session, specific qigong exercises may be recommended to assist in your healing and recovery.  

Who can receive Qigong sessions?

Anyone can have a qigong session.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail QBS and we will be happy to respond.

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