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A Typical QiGong Session

You can expect that your initial session will be an assessment session.  This assessment may include questions about your health, your environment and activities of daily living.  

Your body’s energy pathways (meridians) will be accessed for restrictions or stagnant qi points.  These areas will be addressed to open meridians and stimulate qi flow.  

You will be placed (fully clothed) on a table much like a massage table or placed in a chair that will expose your major meridians and qigong points.  The practitioner will start with the front of your body, proceed to your back and ending up on the front checking major qi points along the Conception and Govern Channels.  You may feel light to medium warmth, tingling, coolness, or slight discomfort that will dissipate quickly.  

There will be about a one hour session after which you will be given recommendations for follow-up qigong practices.  You may be recommended to attend some Qigong classes/workshops or given instructions for exercises.  You may also be given suggestions to adjust your environment and daily activities (Feng Shui, the practice of placement and arrangement of space).   

You will be given your next appointment date before departing.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail QBS and we will be happy to respond.

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