This organization serves the public through the following schools:

  • Three Mountains School of Taiji Quan
  • Three Mountains Healthways School
  • Three Mountains Health Programs
  • Usui System of Natural Healing School of Reiki

Three Mountains School of Taiji Quan

Taiji Quan is rarely viewed as a valid system of self-defense. However, contrary to popular opinion, it is a very dynamic system of self-defense. Tai Chi Chuan, otherwise known as “Grand Ultimate Fist” is the system that teaches its participants how to use the power of the ancient eastern arts to attain a very high level of martial defense. This system utilizes internal power of the Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve the highest level of combat - “No Combat At All!” It is one of the most dynamic systems of self-defense. It cultivates its practitioners by beginning with personal growth and development of the inner self.

Philosophical and practical exercises are combined to produce the “ultimate” martial artist. This student not only knows how to defend him/herself but most importantly, possess the knowledge to know if and when it is appropriate to defend themselves. Wu Xing Chuan Tao (Way of the Invisible Fist) is the philosophical foundation upon which this school is built. More information...

Three Mountains Healthways School

The more popular concept of Taiji Quan is generally viewed as the slow, flowing choreographed postures of the exercise type movements. The public often sees this exercise as the “old peoples” martial art form.

Participants in this school are students who study health-defense. Health-defense is the system that creates, improves and maintains its participant’s quality of life by building inner strength to protect individuals against stress, illness, disease and disorders. Grand Ultimate Health is the goal of this school. People of any age, sex or cultural background can enjoy the benefits of this philosophical approach to good quality health care and general health care maintenance.

The fundamental principals and theories of Taiji and QiGong are the foundation to the practice of good health care practices. These fundamentals are the cornerstone to the teachings and daily practice in this health-defense system. More information...

Three Mountains Health Programs

Tai Chi has generally been perceived as an “old peoples” martial art because of the slow, deliberate nature of the movements. We have expounded on that perception and designed tai chi classes geared toward addressing the needs of senior citizens.

The primary goal of the Health Programs is to increase the quality of life for individuals who face specific needs due to the normal aging process. More information...

The Usui System of Natural Healing
School of Reiki

Reiki, a non-invasive, non-manipulative spiritually guided system of healing, is taught in several progressive degrees in this school.  While maintaining the root of this art’s origin, we raise the level of technology in the healing practices by constantly researching its history and lineage to upgrade our students’ proficiency as Reiki practitioners.  

Those wishing to learn Reiki may do so from five (5) degrees/levels of accomplishment: Level I – Level II – Level III (ART) – Master Practitioner - Master Teacher.  We also conduct “Refresher Classes” for those wishing to review and update their techniques.   

Reiki can be learned to address wellness for self and/or others.  More information...


If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail QBS and we will be happy to respond.

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