Student Testimonials


Taiji Quan (Martial Arts) Testimonials

Participants have discovered that Taiji Quan is not only a health care system but also a dynamic self-defense tool that enhances the health benefits found in its practice.


I have been taking the martial arts Tai Chi class for 1 year and I have greatly improved my flexibility and balance. I'm only 33 and thought I was in pretty good shape but this last year of martial arts training has shown me how far I have come. I've even lost over 10 pounds and kept it off. Tai Chi is the best cross training program I've ever had!

John H.


I am in the Martial Arts class. The challenge for me was the class conditioning requirements. Unfortunately, I was a smoker. That's right, I smoked cigarettes and enjoyed every puff - but the conditioning was killing me. Prior to this I have been seriously considering quitting and had even inquired into several methods but was not quite there. I am happy to tell you that I continued my training and with great success. I have been smoke free for exactly eleven months.

Karen C.


Tai Chi Chuan (Healing Arts) Testimonials

This is what people typically view as tai chi. As a healing art, it provides its participants with profound benefits of holistic health through diligent practice.


Recent years of my life have left me personally looking for answers and for balance. The study of Tai Chi, the philosophy and the form have given me a different way of looking at my life. Never will I forget the philosophy of "Just Do It." The lessons of infinite change have made me appreciate change and not fear it. The benefits of the physical have been improved conditioning, flexibility, circulation and relaxation. Tai Chi has been a gift in my life and I am grateful to have been exposed to it.

Jean B.


How was I to know that Sink, Root & Open would be the beginning of what I now know will be my life's lesson/journey? I am able to focus and concentrate like never before through the teachings and guiding of my Shifu. It feels good to be "home." I was "Sinking" because of my lack of belief in my true self. I was "Rooted" to old ways and labels. Now I am "Open" to all the teachings and knowledge that I AM. . I CAN . . I WILL . . be balanced and in harmony.

Rose Marie R.


Tai Chi (Health Program) Testimonials

We house a special health program for seniors with the goal to decrease the number of incidents of falls in senior citizens. See how the react to the program and what other benefits they find.


At 72 years young, when I came to Tai Chi, I suffered terrible tremors in my body. They were so bad that I could not stand from a sitting position without assistance. After a few classes, I noticed the tremors were gone and my balance improved about 90%. Now, I can stand up with no assistance. My legs are stronger, I'm relaxed, calmer and sleep sounder. My doctor was so impressed with my improvement that he posted flyers about our Tai Chi program in his office.

Constance H.


In 1983, I started a long process with doctors to discover why I was having unexplained back problems. A neurologist diagnosed me with neuropathy. This condition basically stole all the joy from me over the years. I could no longer do the things that I enjoyed because of the pain associated with my condition. In 1990, this condition was exacerbated when I was involved in an automobile accident. This forced me to an early retirement in 1992. I couldn’t exercise for almost 23 years.

This wonderful Tai Chi class has given me a new life. Now, I am much more limber, not feeling arthritis pain in my neck, no longer depressed, not taking all of those medicines and my attitude is positive rather than negative. It is helpful and fun meeting new people not to mention the wonderful instructors. I recently joined the QiGong classes, too!

Eleanor H.


I never thought of myself as claustrophobic but when I was prepared for an MRI, I felt an attack coming on. My face grew hotter and the impulse to have them stop and get me out grew stronger. I started to do deep abdominal breathing and attempted to meditate. In a short while I began feeling calmer and a feeling of normalcy returned. Knowledge of these Tai Chi techniques helped a great deal and you have my thanks for teaching them to me.

Harry B.


Learning how to center myself as I stand still for longer periods of time has really benefited me. This is very important because as I grow older I find it becomes more difficult to perform multiple physical and mental tasks at the same time. When I stand balanced and perfectly still it relaxes my body and clears my mind, allowing it to focus on the task at hand thus doing a better job.

Gloria T.


I was able to establish a routine of regular exercise again. Before my shoulder injury, I used to lift weights. After that injury, I had given up routine practice. My range of motion was restricted and not without some crackling noise and pain. After practicing Tai Chi for a very short period of time, I gained a much greater range of motion and without pain.

Linwood T.


I have benefited a great deal since beginning your workouts, both mentally and physically.  I no longer use a cane which I was dependent on beforehand. My medication has been cut in half and I now maintain better control and balance.

Samuel H.


The art has taught me to stop and find my center in any number of situations. Whether the need to balance is for physical or mental or spiritual reasons, finding my center allows me to proceed in a more direct manner. The physical aspects have been beneficial in lessening joint and muscle pain which plagued me for many years.

Dorothy C.


Doing Tai Chi has been a personal goal of mine since my days in the Marine Corp. The instruction has helped me to achieve inner peace through meditation and relaxation. I use it often to relieve stress both at the work place and in my personal life.

Ralph O.


I have learned to take an anger inspired situation and turn it around by using the relaxing methods taught to me. Anger control management was not what I was looking for but to say the least I’m so content to have found it. The exercise portion of the lessons are very helpful to me as non-aggressive cardio exercise.

Carol H.


I was initially reluctant to enroll in your class due to my physical disabilities caused by a stroke that I suffered several years ago. My right arm and hand have been completely paralyzed. Mere words cannot express my delight and absolute amazement when I was able to move my arm and hand using your methods of meditation and visualization.

Matthew W.


Reiki Therapy Testimonials

Reiki is a Japanese discipline for dealing with stress through relaxation and promotion of natural healing. See what some people have to say about Reiki sessions.


I wanted to thank you and the group for inviting me to the Reiki meeting last week. I can tell you I received immediate benefit from the sessions, especially on my way home that night. I don’t even remember the drive or how long it took. It didn’t seem to matter. The real surprise came when I was telling my sister about what I experienced and she realized I was standing “flat” on my feet!!!! Okay, this is HUGE! That hasn’t happened to me in eons!! Also, my stomach was so quiet over the next 3-4 days. AMAZING I tell ya’, AMAZING! Ken and Guy made a tremendous impression. I never felt uncomfortable or tense during the sessions – just relaxed. I drank about a gallon of water when I got home and more than ever over the following few days. That’s a plus too. I really like the Reiki. I’ll be back!

Judy M.


Qigong Therapy Testimonials

Healing arts like Qigong are the complimentary component to martial arts.  See what some have to say about QiGong sessions.


Following twelve weeks of physical therapy, I still had a lot of pain and discomfort from fracturing the 11th thoracic vertebrae. I was offered pain management but did not want injections in my back.

I inquired about Qigong therapy and tried it. What a relief! After the first session, I had a great amount of relief. It was so relaxing and the pain had subsided almost immediately. I know my limitations and if I over do it, I know that QiGong will manage my discomfort.

Margaret T.


After a hysterectomy when I was in my fifties, I began having severe back spasms in my upper rib cage whenever I would lie down to sleep at night or recline on an examining table at a doctor’s office. At the same time, my right ankle which had been injured several years previously began to lock without warning when I walked. My daughter suggested QiGong therapy. After one session, the ankle problem eased off. After a few more sessions, the spasms in my back stopped at night as well as whenever I was on the doctor’s examining table. If I get a back spasm at night now, it is only because I have overdone activities during the day. In the past year, I have only had two episodes as opposed to having them several times in one night. My QiGong therapy sessions continue to help with my ankle and back so that I no longer need to take medicine for these symptoms.

Roni D.


In August 2004, I was diagnosed with cancer of the left kidney. My doctors advised me to have surgery to remove the cancer. My gut feeling was to avoid the surgery if at all possible. I decided to investigate alternative treatments so I pursued a complete dietary change including herbalist recommendations. This led me to QiSsage Body Systems.  I was taught the basics of QiGong while being given QiGong Therapy. This therapy as well as meditation was very helpful.

I have been a Tai Chi player for more than a year now. I went to my doctor and got the results of my last MRI.  I was told that there was no longer a malignancy, the tumor had stopped growing and was drying up. Oh, what wonderful news! This has been and is still a very spiritual experience for me!

Joseph B.


At 44 years of age, I was told by my gynecologist that I needed a hysterectomy. After my first qigong session, I noticed a drastic difference in my menstrual cycle. After only two more sessions, the problems I was having completely disappeared. It’s not an exaggeration when I say this changed my life to an extent that I wouldn’t have believed possible. The fact that friends and family have noticed the changes in me is also a testament to what qigong has done for me.

Theresa K.


NJISA UMDMJ-SOM (research study)

In a continuing effort to assist the union of the East and West, we participated in a research study with New Jersey Institute of Successful Aging, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Osteopathic Medicine.


Tai Chi has changed me in many ways. The most important being, it has allowed me to see myself as I am - terribly flawed yet wonderful. Tai Chi to me is the ultimate reality check. It has also helped me to loose 22 pounds. The really unexpected perk that I was able to achieve is that I am able to sing again. For the last few years, I was not able to sing because my breathing wasn't strong enough - but tried the other day in my car and I could! That might not seem very important to most but it was really a great moment for me. I am definitely a work in progress and that's all right!

Jean K.


Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation Testimonials

The New Jersey Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation in conjunction with QiSsage Body Systems, LLC sponsors programs for Tai Chi programs at the Jewish Federation Senior Housing in Cherry Hill and Voorhess, NJ. See what participants have to say about their classes.


Mr. Walker is the epitome of patience & good teaching. He holds everyone’s interest, adds a sense of humor and concludes with his students understanding & experiencing all good. We look forward to continuing our time with Jon in the near future.

Joanne R.


I was offered an opportunity to take Tai Chi for 13 weeks. I will remember all the instructions by our wonderful person who led us. His soothing voice and listening to remarkable tapes helped me through all the movements. His gestures and jokes kept our audience in rapt attention. His demonstrations of things to come made us realize the purpose of this program. Being a person with personal problems at 89 years young, I know that Tai Chi helps me.

Frances R.


When I heard about Tai Chi, I picture a dull form of exercise. After I attended your class and you began to explain and demonstrate using your "Day Journey," my feelings changed. I began to feel more relaxed and more at ease mentally. Aside from my body feeling calmer, my mind started to wander into a peaceful state and I was no longer in class but out in a field of flowers dancing away. Thank you for all of your teachings. I hope we will be able to have you back soon.

L. Bobbie S.


I can’t convey to you enough how much your Tai Chi lessons mean to me and how very helpful you have been to me & our group. I not only practice during the day, but also it helps me to go to sleep at night, too. I use to take two Tylenol every night to help me fall asleep, but now I do my relaxation and I can sleep much better. I’m sorry the classes will be over soon. I can’t wait till September when you return. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Saranne R.


I find Tai Chi to be both exercising and relaxing – a great combination. Thank you for all of your help.

Evelyn S.


My Tai Chi experience with Jon Walker was one I will never forget. He is a caring, compassionate, patient teacher and has imparted a tiny bit of that to me. I look forward to attending each and every class here at our residence. I highly recommend Jon as a human being to emulate.

Fran F.


After a very bad car accident that destroyed my right knee and injured my spine, I was left with severe back pain. I refused to use a walker or a cane. I was determined not to let the back pain rule my life. I prayed every night for the Lord to bring me relief. The Lord heard my prayers. He brought Tai Chi to our apartment house and Jon, our instructor. I have been doing Tai Chi every day for three months. It has made a big change in my life. I can climb stairs – I can walk without help – I can dance again! I will never stop doing Tai Chi.

Jan O.


I am fortunate to be able to participate in the Tai Chi program that is offered in our social hall. I’m 81 years old and have been active all of my life until suffering a broken hip in August 2006. After recovering from hip surgery and graduating from rehab, I was ready to re-new my exercise regimen, however, I was unable to drive. It was at that time that Tai Chi was offered to the residents of my community and I registered immediately. Participating in this class has been a wonderful experience for me. It enables me to stretch, move and challenge my body while doing it in the comforts of my own apartment building. In addition to the health benefits, Tai Chi class also provides me with a great social opportunity as well. I also appreciate that there are varying options for all of the participants depending upon their mobility levels. This program has truly answered my exercise needs. I am very grateful that it is offered in my home.

Bernice M.



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