Martial Arts History Museum - The Martial Arts History Museum is an educational, learning facility designed to provide an understanding of Asian culture and tradition and its effect on American history and society through the martial arts. This includes the art of the martial arts, the music of the martial arts and more.

Tai Chi Farm - Throughout his forty years of study and practice in the art of taijiquan, Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa brought to this world a new perspective whose roots, in reality, came from the oldest perspective. His teachings were unique and, in our admittedly biased opinion, the most accurate reflection of the true essence of taijiquan taught anywhere in the world today. Though both he and the Farm are gone now, his memory lives on.

United Martial Arts Referees Association - The United Martial Arts Referees Association provides quality judging and officiating at U.M.A.R.A. and U.M.A.R.A. sanctioned tournaments and fosters a higher level of true amateurism, sportsmanship and friendly relations among the entire martial arts community.

Green Mountain School of Internal Arts - Providing Southwestern Vermont with instruction in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and Taoist Self-Cultivation. Our mission is to help the individual and the community realize their potential and live lives of good health and happiness, utilizing the methods and philosophies of Tai-chi chuan, Qigong and Taoist self-cultivation.

Shaolin Brand - it is with great pride and pleasure that we present traditional martial arts for those that are serious about martial arts. As martial artists ourselves, we can help to understand your needs and provide the best service and products to meet those needs. Each year we stress three key factors: Quality, Service, and Tradition. We are constantly searching the world over to bring you the highest quality and most authentic products such as liniments, uniforms, weapons, videos, training gear, silk screening services, and more. We will provide you with old world traditions combined with new world creativity.

C. Lynn Carr - Experienced Reiki Master/Teacher Sea - (Sea) is a certified Reiki Master, an ordained reverend, and a sociology professor. She has several years experience teaching Reiki I, II, and III, leading spiritual circles, organizing healing retreats, and teaching group decision-making processes. In addition, she has taught academic courses to undergraduates for over a decade. Her formal studies (B. A. Antioch 1989; Ph.D. Rutgers 2002) in Eastern and Western philosophies and religions, sociology, women's studies, and social-psychology provide a context and balance to her healing work. - Self is part of a network of web sites owned and operated by Self Improvement Online, Inc., a privately held New Jersey based Internet company. The mission is to provide informative and quality self improvement and natural health information to help people improve their lives.

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