Personal Credits


Shifu Jonathan B. Walker

Dr. Jonathan B. Walker - Below are those who have helped shape me into the person that I am today.  They deserve the credit for the success that I enjoy.
Sijo Leon Trescott, El Bey

Sijo Leon Trescott, El Bey - He is responsible for opening my eyes to the world of Taiji Quan. He chiseled my mind, body and spirit like a sculptor carves a block of wood into a workable foundation configured to increase the quality of my personal growth, development and exploration of the self.
Master Hou, FaXiang

Master Hou, FaXiang - He allowed my knowledge of western medicine to gently meld with Traditional Chinese Medicine’s philosophical approaches to healing and helping others.
Master Ren Guang Yi

Master Ren Guang Yi - He provided the means for me to expand my knowledge of Taiji Quan through powerful self-expression found in the controlled release of constructive energy.
Grandmaster Jou, Tsung Hwa 


Grandmaster Jou, Tsung Hwa - He filled me with essence as does water fill an empty vessel. He placed meaning into my Taiji Quan and gave it a life of its own.
Grandmaster T. T. Liang

Grandmaster T. T. Liang - This wonderful, graceful and gentle man showed me the wisdom of the ages. He taught me how to find the meaning of life.
 C. Lynn Carr


C. Lynn Carr - She helped guide me into the final stages of development by opening the door to my spiritual growth and maturity.
Master Jiang Jian-ye 

Master Jiang Jian-ye - He now offers me the opportunity to propel my experiences and expertise to the next levels by bringing the art of Taiji Quan and QiGong from China directly to me.
Dr. Jamie Feldman 

Dr. Jamie Feldman - He created the opportunity for me to learn new psychological technology that enhanced my ability to bridge the span between my organization and the community. With this knowledge, I am able to combine all of my skills & abilities into a uniform manner with better delivery and more effective results.


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