The Outreach Department serves the public in several ways to bridge the gap of communication and comprehension between the Eastern and Western population.  This is accomplished through public and private engagements for demonstrations, speaking events, (workshops, seminars & presentations), and special events.  

Our outreach efforts bring the community together under a common umbrella for understanding the eastern influence in today’s world of holistic health care and options.  

To request any outreach services, contact the organization by phone, email (from this site) or postal mail.  


Our demos usually take the form of Tai Chi or self-defense performances.  We can accommodate your request with a Demonstration Team or Master Demonstration; however we are not limited to the aforementioned.  We will customize a demonstration for your specific needs.  Health fairs and regular annual events are common requests.  

Speaking Engagements            

        Presentations – We specialize in “Motivational” & “Inspirational” speaking engagements.  Our speaker is an highly experienced and multi-talented health care advocate and practitioner who is an acknowledged national and international hall of fame martial arts master and professional executive.  He is available for keynote, high school/college commencement exercises as well as annual & special events.  For additional information and requests, see our Speakers Bureau page.

        Workshops & Seminars – These are generally scheduled throughout the year as adjunct studies for students in our educational programs, however, we invite the general public to attend.  Private workshop/seminars can be arranged for closed-door populations.  Contact us for a customized program for your specific needs.

        Special Engagements – By sponsoring events and networking with the community, we share our knowledge with the population-at-large.  We hold annual events that continue to grow with passing years.  They may be part of a global effort as well as local and regional events and activities.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail QBS and we will be happy to respond.

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