Three Mountains School of Taiji Quan

“Way of the Invisible Fist”

Philosophical studies (academics) of Taiji Quan create the basis for comprehending the subtle but powerful movements involved in physically learning a choreography (forms) whether it is open-handed or weapons movements. Therefore, students are provided notebooks as well as uniforms for kwoon studies and training. The academic skills taught in this school are an extrapolation of theories, principles and practices taught in the systems of Bruce Lee, “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” (Way of the Intercepting Fist) and Sijo Leon Trescott, El Bey, “Shihe Quan” (Way of the Appropriate Fist). In his quest for Mastery, Dr. Walker has culminated these systems with the theories, principles and practices of the late great Grandmaster Jou, Tsung Hwa (Tao of Tai Chi Chu’an; Tao of Meditation; & Tao of the I Ching) to arrive at the creation of “Wu Xing Chu’an Tao” (Way of the Invisible Fist).

The physical skills are taught in a typically traditional manner with a sash ranking order. Advancement through the ranks is based on achievement in physical, mental and spiritual levels. As the student gains knowledge, strength and confidence in him/herself, he/she learns how to use these skills not only in the kwoon by through the application of these skills in daily living. The system of Wu Xing Chu’an Tao escorts student practitioners on an inward journey of self-discovery. This journey teaches the student to seek harmonious existence in our universe.

A Black Sash School

This is a Black Sash School and that means the first sash that is earned is a Black Sash! This has a special meaning to our students. It teaches “humility”. There are 12 Ranks to achieve before earning the 1st Degree Black Sash. Therefore, the student who attains the 1st Degree Black Sash is reminded every time a new student enters the school that he/she is no better a person than the new person walking in the door. It reminds the “expert” student that he/she also earned that degree by being a beginner.

It also reflects the manner of life itself. Everything in the universe travels in circular fashion. “What goes around, comes around” if you just live long enough to see it. Hopefully, when it comes back the next time, one will have learned from experiences and will have become a wiser person.

Black Sash Ranking System (Expertise)

The road to Black Sash will be achieved through the following breakdown of achievements:

Novice Ranks:
  • 1st Rank Black Sash
  • 2nd Rank Black w/trim Sash
  • 3rd Rank Yellow Sash
  • 4th Rank Orange Sash

Beginner Ranks:
  • 5th Rank Green Sash
  • 6th Rank Purple Sash
  • 7th Rank Blue Sash
  • 8th Rank Blue w/trim Sash

Intermediate Ranks:
  • 9th Rank Red Sash
  • 10th Rank Red w/trim Sash
  • 11th Rank Brown Sash
  • 12th Rank Brown w/trim Sash

White Sash Ranking System (Mastery)

Beyond Black Sash is the achievement of Mastery in the Art. This is a road that takes the Expert (1st degree Black Sash) to the next levels of development. Mastery can be a very long road to travel yet it inspires us on the way to create a better world for not only ourselves but for the good of the whole. This is the challenge of the experts! It is now their responsibility to improve our world for those who follow behind us.

Advanced Ranks
  • 1st Degree Black w/black trim Sash
  • 2nd Degree Black w/burgundy trim Sash
  • 3rd Degree White w/black trim Sash

Special Teams/Clubs

Our school strives to provide multiple opportunities for all students to achieve their fullest potential. We achieve this by offering special in-house teams, clubs and special training for those who desire more than just the regular training program.

  • Taiji Demonstration Team
  • Martial Arts Competition Team
  • SWAT Team
  • STORM Team
  • Black Sash Club
  • White Sash Club
  • Teacher Training Program
  • Enrollment Process

Taiji Demonstration Team

One benefit of becoming a Martial Arts student is the eligibility to become a “Demo Team” member. This is a select group of students who have displayed hard work, skill and talent in their regular training program and desire to become representatives of the school. This team acts as a liaison between the school and community. Its purpose is to establish a working relationship with the community to determine needs and inform the public of the school’s purpose in the community. Demo Team members perform in public demonstrations for community activities (like health fairs, holiday events and program requests). These members are also privy to get additional advanced training skills (instructed personally by Shifu) above and beyond their present rank or sash level.

Martial Arts Competition Team

Although, we do not focus our training on competition as a goal, we do encourage and train those who wish to engage in healthy, friendly martial arts competition. Training can be scheduled for those who display potential talent and skill for the competitive arena. We direct our competitors to competition circuits that meet standards of good sportsmanship, comradery and support competition as a means of networking and sharing in the martial arts community.


Any student is eligible to become a SWAT (Special Winning Attitude Team) member. SWAT members are chosen based on their dedication to training and willingness to help others in the kwoon as well as outside the kwoon. They are students who take their training seriously and have made goals for themselves to achieve their highest potential.


SWAT Team members are eligible to become STORM (Special Team Of Role Models) members. Only the sharpest SWAT members have the opportunity to move up the ladder to the STORM Team. These members shine brightest in their ability to stand above the regular student body as exemplary students whom display the capabilities indicative of good leadership qualities. It is from this team that we look for candidates who will make great martial arts teachers.

Black Sash Club

One goal of our school is to produce Black Sash martial arts experts who are knowledgeable not only in the physical aspects of training but most importantly in the mental and spiritual aspects of training. To assist the student in achieving this goal, we have a Black Sash Club. Members of this club are "under belt" students who have dedicated and pledged themselves to continuing their martial arts training until they reach the goal of 1st Degree Black Sash ranking.

White Sash Club

Beyond Black Sash awaits another goal . . . White Sash. White Sash is the achievement of Mastery in the art. Most schools stop at Black Sash, but this is where our training transforms to reality. Once a student has achieved expertise in the foundation of the art, the road just begins because Mastery is the proof of training. This is the time to put training to work and apply skills by sharing knowledge with others. Training now takes its rightful place in the community and our daily lives. Years of training are now applied to life skills in activities of daily living. This is where training becomes truth.

Teacher Training Program

Another benefit to joining the Martial Arts program is the eligibility for “Teacher Training”. This school is dedicated to producing fine martial arts leaders of tomorrow who will take the lineage of this school’s Grandmaster to the next generations. Only our finest quality instructions are brought to the Teacher Training program. Students in this program are taught the secrets of the “Wu Xing Chuan Tao” (Way of the Invisible Fist) style of Taiji Quan training. Their training will include, but not be limited to how to teach, how to teach martial arts and teaching/learning modalities. They are expected to be members of the Black Sash Club and have achieved SWAT and STORM Team memberships to qualify for the Teacher Training program.

Enrollment Process

All enrollments are by way of FREE introductory classes. This avails interested persons the opportunity to check out the school, class session and meet teachers, instructors and future classmates. This also avails us the opportunity to interview prospective students and find out their interests, objectives and goals.

Upon completion of the FREE, pre-scheduled, introductory class, a Certificate of Completion will be issued and the first rank & sash will be presented. At this stage, prospective students are ready to join our school and continue classes on a regular training schedule.

Start-up fees and monthly tuition vary with location and type school selected. These items will be discussed at the Introductory class session.

To get started, all you have to do is contact the school and sign-up for your FREE introductory class.

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail QBS and we will be happy to respond.

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